Hey folks, we’d like to introduce you to a new thing we’ve been working on... BOTS! In the world of Button City, Bots are ingrained in every part of life. They have cute little faces with personalities of their own and come in all shapes and sizes. Some Bots are pocket sized and characters use them to send messages and take photos (hmm that sounds familiar…). We call those P.E.T. Bots. Other Bots are life sized and help with everyday errands, hangout at stores as mascots, or are kept as little companions that characters take care of.

For Fennel’s birthday he got a new P.E.T. Bot! He’s able to message his new friends the Fluff Squad, have a little agenda so he remembers what he has to do, and it even has a way to keep track of everything in his pockets! 

Here’s some cute concept art for more Bots that we want to start adding into the game. 

So many cute little PET Bots!

So many cute little PET Bots!

Bots seem so versatile! I wonder what else they could be used for?