Hello you! And welcome to a blog. Well not any kind of blog. The Button City Blog! It’s a wonderful kind of writing that takes you on a journey alongside the development of the game Button City with its creators Shandiin and Ryan Woodward. I’m Ryan the programmer and writer of words for the game and I’ll be doing this first bit of behind the scenes.


First things first! What is Button City? It’s a single player narrative adventure game about a young fox trying to save the arcade. That’s the more formal way of saying it’s a super cute game for super people like yourself. If you’ve been on our Discord or Twitter you’ve seen gifs and screenshots of the game or you may have joined me during a live stream while working on it. You may also be wondering what is going on with Button City, it’s been a little quiet lately.


Well we’ve been doing a lot behind the scenes, and because it is very content heavy we don’t want to give too many spoilers! But… because you’re cool we’ll let you in on a little bit of what we’re doing. Right now! And I mean as I type this, I am doing a test build with the rough draft of the first part of the game. It has initial story elements and core gameplay that players will go through for roughly the first 10 - 30 minutes. By the way it’s very hard to tell how long it takes players to go through content without play testers. It’s taken us a while to get here because we needed to work on core systems of the game including our narrative engine, our core gameplay, and working on the story. It’s a ton of work but I’m excited to be moving forward and creating something fun, even though it’s very rough right now.


So what does this look like? Well part of it looks like a notebook full of post it notes for drafting the core story, another part looks like boxes running around a level, and another looks like a bunch of cute animals hanging out. I’m excited though! It’s like clay, you start with an odd form and work at it until you create a beautiful piece of art. Right now we’re still closer to the odd for but it is beginning to take shape.

So where do we go from here? Well I would like to do more blogs, things about the story, the characters, the world of Button City, alongside behind the scenes on how we create the game and it’s aspects. I would also like to startup live streams again and talk to you directly while creating the game. Also I would like to do more with the Discord, game nights, hang outs, sharing of each others works, and much more. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them!

So I want to thank you so much for reading this, it means so much to me that you are interested in my game. I want to say that it is a dream coming true that I get to work on a game that awesome people like you are interested in and we will work hard to create something that is fun and beautiful. Again thank you.

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Stay awesome!