July Dev Log

Hi everyone! I hope your summer is going fantastic! Today we walked down the street to get lunch and I feel like I already got sunburnt after just five minutes. Goes with being a redhead I guess, oh well.

Our first month of full-time work on Button City has finished and so much has happened. We wrote a ton of documentation, had to fill out a bunch of paperwork so we could pay ourselves, and do a bunch of business things with ties and stuff. Okay, that last part with the ties was a lie. The thing about making games full time is that a lot of time goes into making sure the business-side is up to snuff which takes time away from development.

📑 Working on Design Documents

So much of what we had to do was writing a big ol’ pile of documentation. Things like a game design doc, an art design doc, an audio design doc, a technical design doc, a plot overview, and other things that end with doc in the file name. All these documents are helping keep us organized and remember stuff for when we need to implement things. We probably wrote 100-120 pages of documentation and that number is only going to grow as we continue to work. With all this writing it made me get a strong itch to just start making stuff. Thankfully we’re in full production mode now!

A page from our art document

A page from our art document

📆 July Plans

Going into July we’re blasting off at breakneck speed with the game. We’re starting to get in new narrative gameplay and minigames, working on UI, and later on this month begin working on the Button City arcade game which we’ll tell you more about later on.

🌟 New Office

Also, some really cool stuff happened, we got an office that we moved into today! It’s pretty cool with a sunroof and spiffy bricks and desks that can be standing or sitting. I really want to make a blanket fort here someday soon. 

So much stuff going on I can hardly keep my head on straight. Thank you so much for supporting us as we go on this silly fun journey. It means so much to us that you enjoy our game. Moving forward we’ll have more news about characters you get to meet, places you’ll get to visit, gameplay to you’ll play, and a bunch of fun little bonuses as well! 

If you don’t already, please follow us on Twitter and join our Discord where we have a wonderful, creative, fun community. 

Stay ridiculously awesome!