October 2019 Devlog

Hi everyone! Ryan here! I hope you’re having a spooky October! I know we’re all excited about Halloween coming up. We’ve been fairly quiet for the past month or so while working hard on Button City. We had to duck down for a bit to focus purely on getting the game further along using as much production time as we could. We’ll be posting more going forward. Thank you for understanding!

So what have we been working on? We’ve been split up into two areas of creation, the overworld and the games at the arcade. With myself and Shandiin working on overworld gameplay and Benjamin and our new awesome artist Val working on arcade games. Things are looking fantastic! So let’s see what’s new!

😝 Emotes

We now have emotes for the characters to bring them to life! They can be happy, mad, sad, and much more. The characters of Button City really wear their hearts on their sleeves. 

🐺 New Character

Let’s introduce you to our new wolf friend Basil! He’s a chill dude who works at Button City part-time who just wants to relax and take it easy but all the kids keep messing up the arcade. Outside of his job he plays bass with his Licorice and Sage in their pico-synth-punk trio The Aromatics.

🏢New location! The Dump?

What is this new place? Chive calls it a dump but something seems off. What could this place be and why is Chive being so weird?

💬 Speak to me!

Along with all of the new art going into the game, we’ve also been implementing more story sequences. Here’s one with Chive and Fennel at Mart Mart.

So much has been going on but we still have to keep some secrets! We’ll be posting more this month on our Patreon so make sure to check that out! Also again if you were subscribed last month thank you so much for your support! We’ll be sending you a zine and a sticker later this month!

Stay awesome everyone! 

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